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"Boy, I can tell a story. I can get a person, with moderate interest in what I am writing about, and if she or he will stay with me for the first one hundred pages, which are very difficult, and I make them difficult, he will be hooked.  He  will want to know what's happening on the next story and the next story and the next. That I have. And that's a wonderful gift. That's storytelling. And I prize it. I try to keep it cleaned up.
I try to keep it on focus."

James A. Michener, Academy of Achievement Interview

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A video interview of James A. Michener, a podcast episode of what it takes to be him, a gallery of his life and a brief biography. All while being grouped with some of the greatest Americans ever.

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In the late 1970’s, James A. Michener collaborated with Emlen House Films to produce and narrate a series of documentaries highlighting ideas and locations from his books

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An essay, co-written with many modern explorers. on why man explores and should continue doing so.

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The James A. Michener Library at the University of Northern Colorado is home to the bulk of James A. Michener's archival collections, including books, correspondence, photographs, manuscripts, and much more.

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In 2003, the University of Northern Colorado developed an oral history project to document James A. Michener’s life. Colleagues and friends told stories recounting the life of the author. 

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The Michener Art Museum is dedicated to preserving, interpreting and exhibiting the art and cultural heritage of the Delaware Valley region.

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For those interested in researching the life and work of James A. Michener, the University of Northern Colorado developed a guide to some of the best sources available for researchers.



"I should have said 'The world is positively hungry for young men who have dedicated themselves to big jobs. If your present professors aren't training you for such work, quit them and find others who will drive you.'"



The hidden story of how The Covenant was written. Uys, Michener's apprentice, later went on to write his own historical fiction novel: Brazil.

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